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General Engineering

We are an excavation, demolition, grading and utilities Contractor in Santa Barbara County

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Sewer Line and Septic System Installation and Repair

Do you need a new septic or sewer system, or do you have an existing system that has been damaged, or is not flowing properly? We offer services in installing new systems, and can repair or replace your old one.


We are experienced in many different types of demolition, such as partial or complete structure, interior and exterior, concrete and asphalt, and site clearing.

Water Tank Installation

We can install your new water tank, and also help you place it in the best location possible. Need an old tank removed? We can do that too!

Solar Well Pump & Wireless Well Pump Control Installation

Electric bills can be tremendously high when you run your well pump. We can convert your pump from electric to solar, and harness  free energy from the sun, without replacing your current well pump. By installing a solar converter, we  give you the option of running your well from the grid, or solar energy. One flip of a switch will give you freedom to choose between the two.